Advice You Need For Twin Stroller Purchase

Variant: Twin strollers mainly come in two different versions: a tandem-seat or a double seat. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss further below in the article.

Size: The size of a twin stroller should by no means be underestimated. That is why you should consider in advance where exactly you want to use the means of transport. People at home in cities and therefore often have to navigate narrow streets and large crowds or use public transport are better off with a narrower model. Such specimens also usually fit into the trunk of an ordinary car without any problems, provided they can be folded up. On the other hand, if you are home in the country and have more space available, you can fall back on larger cars, especially if you frequent uneven paths. Furthermore, the children should have enough space in the seats to sit or lie comfortably.

Weight: A twin stroller such as a wonderfold can undoubtedly weigh much more than its relatives, designed for one child only. And it’s not just the frame that weighs more; you should keep in mind that two little ones want to be driven around in the car, and the weight of the “freight” doubles as a result. This may not matter much for infants, but a clear difference can already be felt in toddlers. A decisive factor is aa weight, for example, for parents who often have to carry the stroller up and downstairs. These drive better with narrow, light models without a lot of frills.

Material and suspension: Many frames are made of aluminum, as this metal is very light, and the stroller’s weight is kept as low as possible. The textile material of choice is usually cotton, polyester, or nylon – sometimes a mix these materials. The handle, on the other hand, is often covered with polyester or leather. The latter in particular should have a particularly pleasant feel for the parents. To protect children from possible vibrations, one should use large air-filled tires. This applies specifically to people who live in the country and who travel a lot on uneven ground. In the city, on the other hand, the suspension is not very important; here, small, maneuverable bikes are the order of the day.

Cleaning: Even if infants and toddlers still have to build up many skills at the beginning of their development, they can do one thing exceptionally well at a young age – and that mess. Given this fact, sibling strollers and strollers, in general, should have materials that are very easy to clean. It is practical, for example, when you can easily remove mats, mattresses, upholstery, and the like.

Pollutants: Of course, everyday objects should not contain any pollutants, but especially those materials that children often encounter must not contain any toxic substances. For this reason, a pram, the main means of transport in the first few years of life, should be 100% free from harmful substances.   

Accessories: A stroller with a lot of storage space is worth its weight in gold if you are on the road for a long time. Models that come with an integrated carry bag offer additional space for the needs of twins. Another nice extra is, for example, umbrella holders, sun or rain covers, blankets, and shopping nets.

Safety: In the first years of life, children want to be particularly protected. This can be achieved with seat belts in at least a 3-point style or even better in a 5-point style. In addition, the strollers should be certified. After the purchase, it is also essential to inspect the purchased product for any defects and, if necessary, to complain about the stroller to the manufacturer.