All you need to about Premature Ejaculation

The condition of premature ejaculation is a common sexual problem. It occurs when a man ejaculates sooner during the act of intercourse than he intended to. It has been found that one out of three men suffers from this problem. It is not a matter of concern if such a condition arises occasionally. However, the situation may be severe if someone is unable to delay ejaculation at all times or ejaculate within 1 minute of penetration. Counselling, medications such as Super Tadarise and sexual techniques that delay ejaculation can help improve one’s sex life.

 Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

The primary sign is the inability to postpone ejaculation for longer than 1 minute after penetration. The same problem may occur during masturbation as well. People may feel that they have the symptoms of premature ejaculation, but often, their symptoms do not meet the diagnostic criteria.

Consulting a Doctor

Social stigma prevents patients with sexual disorders from asking a doctor. It is a usual experience to feel embarrassed. But, the simple act of asking a doctor can alleviate many concerns about premature ejaculation. For instance, it can be reassuring to know that occasional premature ejaculation is normal.

Factors behind premature ejaculation

The exact reason behind such a condition is not known. Biological as well psychological factors can contribute to premature ejaculation. Psychological factors, such as early sexual experiences, depression, sexual abuse, guilt, and stress, can trigger premature ejaculation. Biological factors such as inherited traits, abnormal hormone levels, inflammation of the urethra, abnormal levels of neurotransmitters. Other factors that can lead to premature ejaculation include erectile dysfunction, relationship problems, stress, and anxiety.

Complications of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can lead to many problems in one’s personal life. It can give rise to relationship stress owing to unsatisfactory sexual encounters with partners.  It can also make fertilization difficult for couples trying to conceive.

Importance of Counseling

Counseling involves talking about your relationships, sexual problems, and experiences with a medical professional. Counselors can help patients reduce performance anxiety. Advice is primarily helpful when used in combination with drug therapy. Talking about the problem can help mend relationships, and sex therapy can be a breakthrough.

Behavioral Techniques

The best therapy for premature ejaculation involves taking small and simple steps, such as masturbating before intercourse to delay ejaculation during the act of sexual intercourse. The doctor may recommend abstinence from sexual intercourse for a brief period to remove pressure during other types of sexual play.

Use of Medications

Anesthetic sprays and creams are applied to the penis before sex to delay ejaculation. They contain a numbing agent such as prilocaine and benzocaine that helps in reducing sensation. You can buy such medications on RXShopMD. Tropical anesthetic agents are well-tolerated and effective. However, they may have side effects such as decreased sexual pleasure and loss of sensitivity. Although none of the medications are specifically approved by the FDA to treat premature ejaculation, antidepressants, analgesics, and PDE-5 inhibitors can be used to treat premature ejaculation.

Premature Ejaculation And Couple Problems

When we talk about premature ejaculation, we refer to a lack of control in the orgasm phase. That is, it is about ejaculating before what we would like during our intimate relationships. In the most severe cases, premature ejaculation can generate significant problems for a couple. Getting to ejaculate before penetration or seconds later. Making our sexual acts somewhat unsatisfactory.

Premature ejaculation is one of the most frequent sexual problems in men, affecting between 25 and 40% of men.

Does Early Ejaculation Generate Couple Problems?

Almost all men can experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. Our problem may arise when we cannot prevent it from occurring regularly. When this happens, it is not surprising that our sexual self-esteem is affected. On the other hand, we may be dominated by fear and nervousness that may occur again — generating high anxiety and stress. That is, we enter a vicious circle. Premature ejaculation becomes a sexual problem that is repeated and causes issues of a couple.

How Does It Affect Our Relationship Then?

When we have premature ejaculation many times problems of couple arise since both members do not manage to enjoy sex. Also, to suffer premature ejaculation, our sex usually lasts very little, so that our partner fails to live sexual satisfaction. In the same line, we may begin to experience negative feelings in the sexual relationship, generating in both great frustrations.

On the other hand, when this happens in time, we begin to live our sexual relationships as something disappointing, and we may avoid them. When this happens many times, we stop having sexual activities, for fear of living a failure again or because our motivation in sex is affected. That is to say, many times, premature ejaculation generates problems in the couple, and our desire and sexual appetite may decrease for both members.

Many of these consequences ensure that the relationship and the sexual and effective communication between the couple are affected. Coming to feel resentment or hostility with our partner. All this only causes us to feel more and more removed from our relationship, and therefore, our sexual flame is extinguished. In the worst case, there may be infidelities due to dissatisfaction on the part of the couple or, on the contrary, to seek a solution on the part of the sufferer.

What Can We Do If You Suffer From Precise Ejaculation?

The main thing for when we suffer premature ejaculation and problems begin to arise is to talk about it. That is, both members of the couple must know and be aware of the problem and can together seek solutions. The biggest problem exists when out of embarrassment or because we feel uncomfortable, we do not dare to speak about it. And therefore, making our negative emotions grow.

If we are not looking for a solution when we suffer from premature ejaculation, it is possible that couple problems arise and finally we end up with the relationship.