Americans Invent Umbrella For Cars

It may sound like a joke, but the retractable protection protects the interior of the car from heat and sunlight

You can say anything about Americans, except that they are not creative. In the US, Lanmodo is offering car protection at the very least. It is an umbrella for cars. That’s right, with the retractable rod and electric opening and closing. There, the news is in pre-sale and costs $ 399 (about $ 1,355) for those who want to test.

The purpose is the same as any ordinary automotive cover: to protect the car and the interior from intense heat and inclement weather. However, while the covers are laborious to assemble and, in the wind, can even scratch the paintwork, Lanmodo equipment is fixed by a suction cup to the ceiling and some strips to the mirrors and doors. Retractable, it opens electrically with remote control in the same umbrella style.

Because its central base is also retractable, the car’s cover may also become a small tent for camping or fishing. According to the manufacturer, the battery of the opening system lasts 45 days on a full charge, which can be done through the car’s own 12V socket.

Vehicle Spread As a Business

Car spread is now a lucrative business right now at the moment because  majority of people has cars and car is one of the top means many generates money , even the country too, so you will agree with me that someone will have to protect t where he or she makes money from, and you can not protect your vehicle right without owning or buying vehicle spread from people selling car umbrella ( this is the term in Thai ขายร่มกันแดดรถยนต์). This is the best way to protect your car including having car sunshade tent (this is the term in Thai เต็นท์บังแดดรถ)  it’s also helpful in your vehicle. Vehicle is turning into a big business because of the large demand.