Android Vs. iOS: Only Android Offers These Features

The Android vs. iOS discussion about the better operating system is likely never to end. Both sides have good arguments – for example, the security and encryption on the iPhone and the adaptability of the Google Assistant on Android. None of them can be dismissed out of hand. Still, Android has some exciting features that iOS users can only dream of. We want to bring them closer to you in this article. And who knows – maybe one or the other iPhone fan will switch to the Android camp soon.

Define Standard Apps Yourself

Gmail is one of the most widely used mail programs. Many Android users have made Gmail the standard app for their email communication. Many iPhone owners would also be happy about this option, but Apple is resisting it. You can now delete preinstalled iOS apps, but you still cannot set a standard app.

This also applies to surfing, for example. With Android, Firefox or Opera can be set as the default browser instead of Google Chrome. Unthinkable at Apple. That’s a shame – 1-0 in the battle between Android and iOS. By the way, you can quickly identify the standard apps on Android.

To do this, go to the app settings and then to Apps & notifications> Default apps. You can find a list there. You can access the standard apps via Settings> Apps and the three vertical dots in the top right corner on Samsung devices.

Google Assistant Is Better Than Siri.

If Android users throw Google Assistant as an argument, iPhone owners will counter with Siri as a matter of course. But the Google Assistant is more powerful and sophisticated. Unlike Siri, he can use Google search for answers. When comparing Android vs. Siri, it is also important how well a voice assistant understands the instructions or questions.

The Google Assistant seems to work more precisely here. Not to mention access to smart home devices such as sockets or lamps. Just say “OK Google” and “Hey Google,” and the Google Assistant will listen. In addition, the Google Assistant can access many telephone functions and apps to warn of heavy traffic before driving to work or indicates the next meeting.

This is also practical when using it on the go if you have Android Auto. In this way, petrol stations can be found quickly, or appointments can be called up. The Google Assistant according to movical is theoretically also available on iOS, but not by default.