Caring For Your Car In Summer: What Happens When The Heat Hits?

Extreme temperatures are not the best ally of our vehicle. Left behind and the cold, now it is the turn of the hottest season, in which many factors can affect our car, mostly if it spends a lot of time parked. There are a series of essential keys so that our vehicle does not suffer the long hours outdoors in summer. Don’t miss the following tips.

Monitor The Engine Temperature

The engine is one of the parts of our car that is most sensitive to high temperatures. To control the temperature (the most optimal is around 90 degrees), keep an eye on the gauge on the dashboard and check that the needle never reaches the red zone. If you do, a quick solution is to turn the heat to the maximum possible. In this way, you release heat from the motor and prevent it from overheating.

Avoid Breakdowns

It is estimated that 35% of the cars that go to the workshop during the summer season do so as a result of a failure in their air conditioning system. In summer you have to take special care with these parts of the car. One trick that can help you extend the life of your air conditioner is not to activate it right after starting the engine.

Instead, start with the windows down until the interior and exterior temperatures equalize. Also make sure that the car’s cooling system is in perfect condition, checking fluids periodically. Do not neglect the air filter either, essential to stop dirt and pollen that leak from the outside. Manufacturers recommend changing it once a year or every 15,000 kilometres.

Check The Tires

In summer the tires also reach very high temperatures, especially when you drive for a long time. If you keep the pressure too low, the tread will get even hotter, which will shorten the life of the tire by up to 15%. The most effective solution is to watch your pressure a lot before taking a long trip. Try not to spend too much time parked. Move it from time to time to avoid tire wear.

Protects The Car From Dirt And Sun

In summer it is common for the car to be parked for long hours on the street. Wash it often to prevent dirt from building up and damaging the bodywork. If you are especially careful, you can use wax with an ultraviolet ray absorber, which protects the car’s paint from damage caused by the sun. And something significant: park whenever you can in the shade.

Carry a Car umbrella (ร่มกางรถยนต์ราคา, which is the term in Thai) with you and always place it on the front windshield. Your hands will thank you later when you have to grab the wheel! If that’s not enough, here’s an old-school trick: turn the wheel entirely when you park. In this way, the part that is exposed to the sun will be the bottom, the one you use the least when you drive.

High temperatures can put essential parts of our vehicle at risk, both exterior and interior. Keep in mind that the interior of a car can reach 46º in summer, reaching up to 70º in parts like the dashboard.

It is widespread, especially when we go to the beach, to leave the car parked anywhere without shade, or not to take into account the high temperatures of the asphalt when making long trips. Take care of your vehicle by following these tips, and you will not have to worry when you return from your vacation.