Glass partition -Features,Glass options and Maintenance

Glass partition wall can be classified into fixed glass partition,folding glass partition wall,movable glass partition wall ,with various materials:aluminium ,stainless steel,steel structure, frameless glass partitions walls.

Features of glass partition.

 Glass partition -Features,Glass options and MaintenanceGlass partition wall can be classified into fixed glass partition,folding glass partition wall,movable glass partition wall ,with various materials:aluminium ,stainless steel,steel structure,frameless glass partitions walls.Features of glass partition.The glass partition can be partially disassembled and re-used for many times. Glass partitions can be changed at any time, and can be recombined and re-used. After the materials are disassembled, the damage is minimal and can greatly reduce the frequent office relocation cost.

  1. The internal structure of the glass partition allows easy cable laying. It does not need to be buried in the wall, the maintenance and replacement of the cable are more convenient.
  2. The installation of glass partitions is faster than that of traditional partitions..
  3. The glass partition has no pollution and odor emission, and it can be used immediately after installation.
  4. The glass partition has a good sound insulation effect, and the partition wall has a very good sound insulation effect.
  5. A variety of colors for glass partitions are available for you to choose. Each material has a variety of colors, and components of different colors can be used together. You can even specify or provide any color and texture finish material.
  6. The glass partition manufacturer’s construction noise is small. Does not affect the work and life of people around.
  7. The effect of glass partition products is fashionable, elegant, concise and exquisite.

Glass Options for Glass partitionClear Tempered Glass,normally 10mm or 12mm clear tempered glass,it has good lighting condition and relatively cheap price.Double glazed units:Typically glass combination is 5+12A+5, or 6 +12A+6 insulated glass, the matched aluminium frame is stronger and insulated glass offers better sound insulation performance.Frosted Glass & translucent glass.Privacy is the most important factor when building the partition,whether it’s acid etched glass,sandblasted glass,translucent PVB laminated glass, gradient laminated glass, and even translucent glass film that stick on glass surface,patterned glass,all these frosted glass options can be used to protect user’s privacy.Learn more:The ultimate guide for frosted glass &translucent glassInsulated glass with built-in blinds.Insulated glass with built in blinds are sun-shading products, which are generally opened or closed by manual drawstrings or mechanical methods. Relying on advanced technology, the blinds are installed inside the insulated glass,not only retains the beautiful and practical characteristics of the window blinds, but also get rid of the troublesome cleaning. the blinds can be easily lifted or turned 180 degrees.Glass Blocks.Glass blocks is a block or hollow box-shaped glass product made of transparent or colored glass. The main varieties are glass hollow bricks, glass solid bricks, and mosaics are not included. In most cases, glass bricks are not used as facing materials, but as structural materials, used as walls, screens, partitions and other similar functions.Smart Glass.Smart glass,also named PDLC smart privacy glass,it’s new products that can adjust the glass light transmittance from clear to opaque by power,it’s one kind of privacy glass.It’s made by laminating PDLC smart film inside laminated glass,which can be only used in new projects.With the technology development,new smart film that can be sticked on already installed glass or windows was developed.It’s self adhesive film that be used in built projects which offers more option and save much costs for clients.Fireproof glass: In some projects that require fireproof function, fireproof glass are used ,especially single piece high borosilicate glass.But do pay attention that the matched framed should also be fireproof.High borosilicate fire-resistant glass contains high borosilicate, boron accounts for 12.5-13.5%, and silicon content is 78-80%. This results in high borosilicate fire-resistant glass with super acid and alkali resistance, and can adapt to a temperature difference of 520℃. It can be kept at 750℃ for a long time without any change, and the softening point can reach above 850℃.The ultra-high softening point provides a fundamental guarantee for the fire performance stably, and the fire resistance time exceeds 120 minutes. With ultra-high transparency, while maintaining the transparency and beauty of the building, it can still ensure people’s vision in the event of a fire to facilitate escape and rescue.Glass Partition maintenance

  1. Do not hit directly on the external surface of the high partition wall with sharp tools to avoid leaving scratches, cracks and ditch holes on glass surface.
  2. Do not use sanitizers with abrasives or strong acids to avoid damage to the glass.
  3. Please use full-effect sanitizer or other mild sanitizer for sanitation. Use a slightly damp soft cloth to absorb the sanitizer, and then wash it with water.
  4. Adhesive strip & gasket is the key to ensure the sealing and sound insulation,waterproof effect, if it falls, it should be repaired and replaced in time.
  5. The aluminum alloy glass partition can be scrubbed with a soft cloth dipped in water or neutral detergent, not with general soap and washing powder, not to mention strong acid and alkali sanitizers such as decontamination powder and toilet detergent.
  6. During use, the aluminum alloy glass partition should be gently pushed and pulled, and the push and pull should follow the installation direction;
  7. Fouling and deformation of the aluminum alloy glass partition is the main reason for the aging of the aluminum alloy partition. It is necessary to adhere to the hygiene of the aluminum alloy, especially the hygiene of the splicing joint. A vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the dust accumulation in the tank and the rubber strip.

The good maintenance of the glass partition in the office can increase the service life of the partition and maintain the firmness of the partition to ensure the safety of people. The importance of the maintenance and maintenance of office partitions can save repair time and the cost of replacing partitions.Morn manufacturer and supply all kinds of partition glass for your office partition projects,welcome contact us once you got any office partition glass requirement,our high quality made in China partition glass are ready to decorate your office projects.Contact us:Qingdao Morn Building Materials Co.,LtdChina HQ: Room A304,Shengxifu Road,NO.209 Weihai Road,Shibei District,Qingdao,China,266024Sales Email: marketing@cnmorn.comTechnical support:   Mobile/Wechat: 0086-17705464660 Website: