How has judge Judy ratings climbed in the recent past?

There have been many reality shows that are telecasted on television and have climbed up in terms of ratings. One of the most popular television reality shows which is essentially an arbitration-based one with Judge Judy has been very popular among the masses. Televised in a court room setting the judge takes real life and small claim cases and adjudicate on the same. The judge Judy ratings have recently gone up to 13% in the recent rankings that were released for shows on television.

What does judge Judy show deals with?

Commonly you can see the judge Judy dealing with court cases with small claims which is televised regularly. Her approach towards these cases is considered to be wisecracking with an approach which you can term as no-nonsense. The televised courtroom has the setting that a real one would have making it all the more impressive for the viewers. The program that she presides over has won many awards and accolades including three Emmy awards. The parties involved with this are asked to sign up a contract by which they should abide by including the judgment that is passed by Judge Judy. Since the program was first televised in the year 1996 it has grown in popularity and stature among the many television shows.

Reputation of judge Judy

Even before the show started the retired Judge Judy is said to have a good reputation of being stern and one among the toughest in the family courts of the United States. The ratings that she has, has a lot to do with her reputation which she gained over years of presiding in the family courts of Manhattan. Justice was served at the speed of light is how people describe her rulings which gained her the reputation of being the toughest in the industry.