How Local Tailors Are Partnering With E-Commerce Firms To Fix Fitting Flaws

It is not hard to admit but online shopping has many advantages however it is also a curse when the customer comes across a clothing material that they want to buy but they receive an ill-fitted version of it. There’s a big new wave of startups that have found a clever way to address this problem. One of the greatest solutions to this problem is virtual fitting rooms commonly known as VR. companies are teaming up with researchers 2 develop robot mannequins that can adjust the right proportions to match just about any set of measurement.

To set up a fitting room, developers run through most of the size and shapes of combinations that can be tested upon dummies and take numerous photos of them dressed in every available size from XS to extra-large. That software then takes up the measurements typed in by the shopper such as Heights, arm length, Collar sizes that are then displayed on the mannequin. Then the software chooses us from the management photoset the best match of the body measurement.

The ease of having virtual Tailors keeps the customers interested 

cloud connect the people with real-life whether it is professional or casual attire. The consumers are keen on finding the perfect knew peace with the perfect fit to match their wardrobe-essentials. It happens a lot of times that the user is not aware if something will fit or not unless they are very familiar with one brand this cuts off the opportunities for new brands. Usually, the users must go with the usual sizes and hope that luck plays its part. However virtual clothing software is an innovative way to suggest outfits for their customers to their phones and computers. The algorithms of the software allow it to scan the body using the device’s Camera. These platforms are fully customizable where customers can select products based on categories like fabric or button placement.

Software that acts as virtual mirrors and customization platforms for both users and businesses alike 

12Tees is a company based in Thailand that has advanced tools to allow the user to create and design their clothes. The program allows the customer to resize the clothes based on their unique measurements such as polo shirt design. it is simple and easy to use with guided instructions and is a great way at kickstarting your tailoring business by adding a little bit of the technology they offer. To know more visit their website and enjoy the new era of shopping.