How the industrial sector is using technologies from the previous generations?

The technological advancements are appreciated by all because they are making the everyday life easier. The modern technologies are mainly concerned with minimizing the human interaction in different sectors. In the Industrial sector the technologies are mainly concerned with developing automated industrial machinery to bring forth the fourth wave of industrial revolution. However there are still many technologies available to the industries that are still in use though these are somewhat old technologies. For example, usage of servo motors in the industrial machinery has been steady and growing because of their utility in the field. There are basically two important advantages of using servo motor. The first advantage is that servo motors are small in size so they can be used separately in different machines as well as inside the machines. And secondly the servo motors though small provide the very highest levels of torque in the machines which is very beneficial.

What is a servo motor and how does it work in an industrial set up?

A Servo motor (เซอร์ โว มอเตอร์ , which is the term in Thai) is a rotary actuator. It allows for precise control of angular position. A servo motor consists of a motor which is coupled to a sensor for position feedback. Servo motor also requires a servo drive to complete the servo system. The servo drive uses the feedback sensor to precisely control the angular or rotary position of the motor. Servo motors generally provide high torque because of its powerful shaft system. It is also one of the most reliable motors when it comes to using in automobile or manufacturing units. Servo motors are generally of two types. The AC servo motor acts on the alternate current input whereas the DC servo motor operates on the input of Direct current. Though servo motors are of different types but it is not a distinct family of motors as their main work is similar to other rotatory actuator.

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