In Bangkok, don’t forget to try out the food there:

If someone wants to know a place, then try out the food there. The food can tell a lot about the place and everything. And as most people know Bangkok is famous for its’ tourist destination. A lot of people come around the world to spend their vacation. But Bangkok is not only about visiting the pub, party and all. But it’s also rich in food, and every tourist should try the Thai food once. Thai food not only serves in Thailand but also around the world. And people love Thai cuisines.

So, for all the Thai food lover or any food lover, Bangkok is the place where they can enjoy Thai food. The original Thai food from Bangkok the Thai food made a mark in all over the world. Anyone who is planning to visit Bangkok or in Bangkok then try the street foods of Bangkok.

Food places in Bangkok

There are many places in Bangkok where one can get good foods. But Khao San market and Chinatown is the best place in Bangkok to try the street food. Most of the vendors and restaurant in both places follow Michelin guide. So, it won’t be any problem for any tourist to try the food. These two places in Bangkok are mainly known for foods. So, the tourist should visit there once.

How to get to food places in Bangkok?

One can use public transport but as someone coming from other countries. Then it will be difficult for them. So, try out the tuk-tuk to go anywhere in Bangkok. Or book a package of tuk-tuk food tour from tour service. The tour service will make sure that the tourist has tried the good foods of Bangkok. Because that’s what they charge for.