Learn the history and evolution of the poles

Get to know the history and evolution of polo shirts, they started as a sports outfit but today they are basic in the men’s and women’s closets in the world. Custom Shirts brings you details. There are certain clothes that are a classic, that have formed and will continue to be part of our lives, today we will talk about one of them, know the history and evolution of polo shirts, these shirts with neck, which closes with two or three buttons (a closure or perhaps not have either), and sometimes they have a chest pocket. They are usually made of polyester and mixed cotton. In their custom t-shirt store we know that they are an icon of casual and informal dress, they are versatile and cannot be missing in the wardrobe of women and men. Origins of this shirt associated with polo.

Its name indicates it, this type of shirt is closely associated with polo sport, the exact origin is unknown, but it is estimated that it was at the end of the 19th century in India. British soldiers witnessed a game in the town of Manipur, while they were seated there, hence they established the first polo club. This sport was increasing its popularity among British navy members and British tea growers in India, who became regulars. Then, they began to be interested in what they used to play, which were long-sleeved, thick shirts made of cotton. There was a certain disagreement with the clothes, so they decided to add the collar with buttons, to avoid being agitated while galloping. This sport arrived in England in 1862. Not long after, John E. Brooks, grandson of the founder of the American brand Brooks Brothers, went to England on a business trip, and caught the attention of the necks of the players’ T-shirts. pole.