Leather gun holsters – Past and Present


The concept of leather gun holsters emerged in the middle of the 17th century. In the early days, these were no more than just leather pouches hung on the pommel of the saddle on horses. From these pouches, the rider could easily draw out his weapon and carry it around with ease. The introduction of these leather gun holsters proved to be a blessing for the men and women who went out to explore the new world.

Why leather gun holsters?

So, you might be wondering what led to these leather gun holsters gaining such popularity? Why did this innovation actually changed the way we carry our guns and revolvers?

Well, these questions have diverse set of answers:-

  • Durability

The leather gun holsters have since proven to be durable for a lifetime. Supplementing your possession with some petite care and nurture, this leather gun holster will remain healthy for a lifetime.

  • Comfort

The introduction of leather gun holsters added a great deal of comfort to the owners of guns. Initially, even just as a leather pouch hanging around a saddle, these holsters enable men to carry weapons longer distances. Overtime, these holsters evolved and enabled men and women to carry their revolvers and handguns around their waist.

  • Aesthetics

The aesthetics of the leather gun holders are still something that are greatly obsessed over. The Western cinema romanticized the waist leather gun holders through their classicsouthern cowboy films. Such was the craze that it became a fashion statement for the American men possessing revolvers. Honestly, whether or not we keep the romantic picturization under  view, even wearing a  leather gun holster without even having a gun would certainly addsass to your cowboy attire.

Modern day holsters

In today’s world, holsters are generally designed keeping in mind factors that enable the wearer to draw the weapon swiftly. It is also essential that the holster doesn’t collapse after the weapon is drawn out, the holster shallretain it’s shape so that the weapon could be placed back swiftly. Due to this reason, stiff material is preferred. These two requirements are fulfilled by leather gun holsters. Leather gun holsters are rigid, which ensures that the weapon can be drawn out and placed back swiftly. Today, the holsters can be embossed with patterns or designs to make them look attractive. They can also be dyed to make them look rustic and vintage. Leather gun holsters have been proving to be really helpful for the modern day police too owing to it’s benefits.The aesthetics of a leather gun holster are something to be admired and appreciated.Small care is all that is required for your leather gun holster to be with you for a life time. It doesn’t loose the shape it is moulded in. Even if it becomes loose, all you need to do is to heat it and cool it afterwards and Voila! You’ll have your holster as strong as before.