Outdoor Wedding: 7 Things To Remember To Avoid Reception Nightmare

Imagine exchanging vows of love in a rustic garden or a beach wedding setting. Looks dreamy and picturesque, isn’t it? But while having an outdoor location is a beautiful idea for such a momentous occasion, wedding suppliers like Northern Virginia companies would agree that it wouldn’t come without any challenge.

When not planned properly, your dream outdoor wedding may give you your worst nightmare — for instance, a reception filled logistics woes, with your guests showing unsatisfied faces. Want to avoid a situation like this? Here are seven things to remember.

Know your budget limitations

Outdoor weddings are generally more expensive than indoor ones. You’d have to increase your budget for logistics, venue and decorations, and of course, catering.

However, just like any other event, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed when it comes to shelling out money. Avoid overspending by focusing on your priorities and non-negotiables. Keep your lines open to communicate your needs well with your planner and suppliers.

Think of the season when planning your menu

If you’re going for an outdoor wedding, know that your menu will most likely be dictated by the season when you’re tying the knot.

Spring season calls for fruits- and veggies-laden menu items like melons and apricots. Summer, on the other hand, should be filled with citrus fruits and cooling cocktails. For fall and winter, cozy appetizers and warming beverages are the perfect choices.

Prepare plenty of non-alcoholic beverages

northern Virginia catering companies are well aware of how crucial beverages are — especially when it comes to outdoor weddings. To help quench your guests’ thirst, make sure to provide plenty of non-alcoholic beverages, like juices and water.

Consider the distance between the kitchen and reception

If the kitchen and reception are located too far from each other, there’s a high chance that your dishes could be cold by the time they reach the tables. This is why you need to locate them strategically.

You also need to secure that the pathway between these two areas is easily accessible and covered. This will help protect your meals from too much sunshine or rain.

Prepare for all sorts of weather conditions

It’s better to be prepared than combat unexpected weather disturbances at the last minute. Many wedding organizers recommend that if you hold an outdoor wedding, you must prepare a covered reception area. This will shield your guests (and foods) from the heat of the sun or the rain.

If it’s the summer season, it’s also a great idea to prepare fans and other sources of ventilation. If it’s the rainy season, don’t forget to stock up on umbrellas.

Don’t forego site visits

Site visits are vital for outdoor weddings. These are the moments wherein you can check first-hand if the venue can accommodate your needs. It’s best to bring your suppliers (like your Northern Virginia catering company) so they can guarantee that your plans are executable given the venue constraints.

Secure all necessary permits

To avoid any hassle, you must also secure all the necessary permits for your outdoor wedding. Apart from this one, you should also inquire about any local noise ordinance; this will help you know what’s the limit (time- and decibel-wise) of your music-playing during the wedding and reception.

Our team at Saint Germain Catering will closely work with you to make sure your event will be a success. Contact us today and let’s talk details about northern Virginia catering.