Proper jobs are not available so easily

It is a huge hassle to get a proper job in this world which is highly competitive. Also, you have to keep the fact in mind that inflation has been increasing day by day which means that no matter how qualified you are, it will be a huge problem for you to get the job. So, in this way, you have to think about the alternative.

The alternative is freelancing which is best if you think wisely regarding it

The alternative could be freelancing. However, freelancing is not a piece of cake or an easy thing if you imagine like that. During the start of your freelancing career, you would have to face many hassles. So, stay steadfast and make sure that you are not deviating from the right path.

Help your clients in their research projects

Provide research project service [รับทำรายงาน which is the term in Thai] or any other service to your clients through freelancing.

Run inspection in houses in order to make sure that there are no major faults in it

You can even provide condo inspection [รับตรวจคอนโด which is the term in Thai] of the homes through freelancing. So, basically in freelancing every field is there. You only have to select one and make sure that you are doing well in it.

Thus, during this passage, you have to be adamant about you getting successful someday, sometime. So, in this way, if you leave the things midway, you will be the only one to blame and no one else. So, you have to stick with patience.

Another important thing to understand is that you will have to create a thorough, very appealing and beautiful looking profile on a freelancing site so that you can grab the clients immediately. Your profile is your asset.