Rummy Game: 11 Thing you’re Forgetting to Do

A game of rummy can be pretty exciting, and the fast pace of the game adds up to the excitement. Players can test various capabilities in a game of rummy and also win real cash prizes. However, more often than not, we tend to forget some important things while playing the rummy game. Rummy doesn’t agree well with small mistakes, and you can end up with a loss if you keep forgetting things. Let us find out the common things that you forget in rummy.

The Pure Sequence

Many players generally forget the pure sequence in a rummy game and work on other sequences and sets. Even if you have all cards melded into perfect sequences and sets, you need a pure sequence for achieving a valid declaration to win the game.


Players also forget to be patient in a game of rummy, thereby landing up in troubles frequently. Generally, impatient players can be aggressive in their gameplay, thereby increasing the chances of wrong moves and declarations.

Arranging the Cards

It is also common for players to forget arranging their cards. As soon as you receive the cards in hand, the first thought that strikes immediately is to find the possible sequences and sets. However, finding order in chaos is very difficult. In certain cases, you cannot even see a sequence that is staring right at your face, just because you didn’t arrange the cards.

Discarding High-Value Cards

Another common thing that players forget is that they have to discard the high-value cards if they cannot make any sequence or set by using them. Forgetting this important thing can lead to an accumulation of points if you lose the game.

Responsibility for Personal Life 

At times, the player can be so involved in a rummy game that they forget their personal lives. Every player needs to have a stable & well-balanced life and it is only possible if you play the game only during leisure time. Playing rummy should never interfere with your personal life.

Bonuses and Rewards

Players can also forget to redeem the bonuses and rewards provided by different online rummy portals. You run the risk of losing valuable rewards that could have helped you obtain cashback and discounts for playing rummy.


One of the foremost things that players forget to do is practice. After playing rummy for a certain period of time, players don’t rely on practice anymore. This is not very good for the gameplay of a rummy player because of the lack of practice stifles the skillset of the player.

Sequences and Sets Can Include 4 Cards

Generally, players also forget the fact that they can form sequences and sets with four cards. The common assumption is that you can use only three cards for melding sequences and sets. However, players can be at a disadvantage by following this rule as they would struggle with melding all the cards in their hands in groups of three.

Respecting Opponents

Another common thing that players forget to do in a rummy game is respecting their opponents. However, this is a sign of unprofessional behavior in a game of rummy and is also detrimental to players’ gameplay.

Jokers Don’t Go in Pure Sequences

Players also tend to forget that they cannot use joker cards for melding pure sequences. This mistake often results in wrongful declarations and a penalty of 80 points on a player.


Finally, the most important thing that players forget is learning. Many players continue to play with proven tips, tricks, and strategies only to find the same results every time. However, continuous learning can help them tailor their gameplay according to the changing levels of challenges they encounter.


So, if you keep the above-mentioned things in mind while playing a game of rummy, your chances of winning become more prominent. Stay alert and learn not to forget if you want the best experience of rummy right now!