Slotxo Online Slot Games

If you want to earn money and flourish in the world of online casinos and online gambling, then Slotxo might be the perfect fit for you. It has a wide range of highly entertaining games. Once you start playing, you can never stop!

Below is a list of online slot games provided by Slotxo:

  • Caishen Riches: SlotxoCaishen Riches is an online slot game that features the God of luck and wealth. This game gives you a special gift when you bet. This game features twenty-five winning lines, with this feature you have more chances of winning bets. With a chance to win a WILD symbol, a God-image with a high multiplier rate of 3,4, and 5 times. Additionally, with every bet, if you get three or more SCATTER symbols in the shape of a beckoning cat, then you get a special prize of twelve free game spins. Free spins mean free money!
  • Lightning God slots: Slotxo Lightning God Slots has the exciting theme of LIghtning God. If you play the game, you can win up to ten free spins; if you bet three or more SCATTER symbols depicting God of LIghtning. Moreover, if you bet on the WILD dragon symbol (this symbol can substitute for any symbol except SCATTER), then you can double your winnings! With a playline up to 243 winning patterns, you can be sure that you will definitely win money when playing.
  • Golden Dragon: The Slotxo Golden Dragon Slot game symbolizes happiness, wealth, good luck, and abundance from the country of ancient China. This game has intricate and beautiful symbols. It also includes English characters, Chinese characters, emerald green, and gold pairs of fish, gold coins, emerald green dragons- golden and silver sailboats, This game also has Chinese gourds known as “Yuan Bao”. This comes in both silver and gold combinations. The betting system is set with a winning pattern for all 243 lines, which can create more chances of winning the game with every bet you place. Also, you can win the golden gong WILD symbol that will multiply your huge winnings. You can also win a SCATTER symbol, a golden gong, and a crossed-out coin with Chinese characters in the middle. If you win 3 or more of one of these symbols, then you get ten free game spins.
  • Lucky Drum: Slotxo Lucky Drum-themed slots are symbols of good luck. This thrilling slot game lets you win big prizes every time you bet. If you get three or more SCATTER symbols of the lucky drum, you will receive ten free spins to play the game. When you bet on a spin and get two gold coin symbols on reel one coin and reel two and reel three or reel four in this order, you will get the jackpot. It is a big bounty that will surely impress you.
  • Golden Rooster: Slotxo Golden Rooster Slot game with a lucky golden rooster will make you rich unexpectedly with great fortune. You can win various symbols according to the winning style of the game. Earn up to five times the prize money and many more. You can also win the WILD symbol. 

Stop thinking and start playing today!