The gameplay of Call of duty: Warzone, everyone should know

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Call of duty: Warzone

Call of duty: Warzone is a recent installment from the Call of duty developers and is a part of the main game, Call of duty: Modern warfare. It is a free-to-play battle game, and you do not want to buy anything. There will several warzone hacks available online that you can use to make the gameplay simple. There are two gameplay modes in the warzone. Let us discuss these two in brief. 

Battle royale

As the name suggests, it will be like a royal battlefield. The first version of this gameplay mode came with three-player teams or squads fighting to stand as the surviving team at the end of the battle with two such opponent squads. Afterward, the introduction of solo player game mode happened followed by the gameplay with teams of four members. Whatever the member count or the squads count, the objective of each squad is to be the last squad standing by killing all others. If all members of a squad are dead, the entire team will be out. So, each person in the team should protect themselves and also help in reviving their teammates at times. When a person is dead for the first time, he will go to a Gulag, where there will be a one-on-one fight between a member from any other squad who has died recently. If one player wins the solo battle, he can get redeployed into the main game and continue it. A player who lost the fight may quit the game or choose to be a spectator of it. Likewise, the players can get redeployed until there are no active players in their squad. If everyone else is already out of the game, then the loser in the Gulag fight would have to quit without choice. However, the teammates alive can help the dead members to come back to life by a Buyback feature that requires $4000 in-game cash, or they can do so by completing a most-wanted task. 


Plunder means to steal everything without a limit. So, the gameplay with that name also deals with the same action. But here, you will be collecting cash by completing several tasks. Every player will get unlimited respawns, that is, he can get redeployed several times without limit after death. There will also be several squads fighting for success, but not like in the case of battle royale. Here, the main objective of the players will be to collect as much money as they can by doing various actions. They can defeat their opponents and take their cash, can complete tasks to get cash, can open cash drops, and much more. If any squad gets $1000000 within the time limit, there will be extra time for all teams to earn more. When the timer stops, the squad with more money wins. There will be deposit helipads and cash deposit balloons for players to store their cash without losing them during death.