The Keys And Advantages Of Social Commerce

It is undeniable that shopping online is very practical. Being able to compare products at the click of a button and without crowded aisles is something that any consumer appreciates.

With the rise of e-Commerce, “social” was in the background and limited only to those who traditionally made their purchases, but what happens if we put these two ingredients together? In this article, we will look into that.

Why Choose Social Commerce?

1. The Power Of Now

Consumers are sure of what they want, and not only that, they want it now. To keep up with this pace and to be able to satisfy the needs of consumers, companies continually launch new promotions and discounts, thus, creating a very frantic customer-business relationship.

Through Social Commerce, this effect is maximized. This is because, through social networks, the consumer receives all the necessary information about the promotions of their favorite brands and can, in turn, products can reach their destinations through the given parcel address (จ่าหน้าซองพัสดุ, which is the term in Thai).

2. Create Exclusivity

Users spend most of their time on social networks; they communicate not only with other people but also with brands. So, what better means for a buying process than a place where they are sure to be?

They all want to feel part of something, and all want exclusivity. A brand can create that exclusivity by launching unique campaigns for that social network, limited products or similar. They are looking for that exclusive product, and they want it, this is the nuance of the success of the promotions.

3. The Social Proof Effect

Consumers, in general, tend to buy what others recommend preferably. You might have been in a situation where you were looking for something, and you have asked your friends or acquaintances on Facebook or Twitter for an opinion, and you base on their experiences to decide for your own.

Users talk about their experiences and create testimonials on the networks that are visible to their friends, family and acquaintances, and even to strangers, so this factor is decisive for the vast majority of consumers.