The Typographic Trend In Web Design

All typefaces, whatever they are, convey a sensation, so your choice may affect the understanding of a text. For example, some fonts convey seriousness and others are more fun, so depending on the type of message you want to give, you will use one or the other. A good typeface focuses the reader’s attention on the content, leaving out the format and the rest of the elements—it is also useful if you translate document (แปลเอกสาร which is the term in Thai).

If you find yourself in the situation of not knowing what typeface to use for your website or online store, we give you five examples of how to use typography to be in this year’s web design trend.

Giant Headlines

Texts with a font size large enough to emphasize are being used. This trend is being widely used by major brands. We leave you an example so you can see what we are referring to:

Unique Typography for Companies

The use of own typography is also a trend. Large companies choose to create their typeface to make their logos and use it in all the corporate resources they need, be they manuals, invoices, business cards. Example: The well-known Coca-Cola company created its typeface. Coca-Cola already has its typeface, the first in its 130 years of history.

Text On Images

You can make a text composition with an image below. This causes the image to be the typography design. You can also use typography in motion and with impossible combinations, just ensure to be a good cameraman (ตากล้อง which is the term in Thai).


A striking colour should be used for texts with which you want to get the attention of the user. We also recommend that the text blocks not be too wide to invite reading and give a feeling of lightness. Important: Never align the paragraphs on both sides, since a justified text on the left and the right can cause spaces between words and in this way results in unexpected effects. And now that you have all this information, do you have adequate typography in your online store?