The urge for creation and the emergence of the fashion industry

Humans have always longed for creation. It is as if they are, they are since the time immemorial the creator and all that surrounds them is their creation. To a deeper subconscious level, humans believe that they are worthy of creating. It is because of this reason; there is always an urge in everyone to create every possible thing. And when there is an urge in humans, capitalism has succeeded in capitalizing the idea. For example, one of the most important industries in today’s world is the fashion industry. Everyone needs clothes, so clothing lines bring out new fashion lines every day. But still, not everyone is satisfied. There are still some people who would rather wear something unique.

How can the creation of jackets make it unique?

Now take the example of jackets, one of the most basic yet sophisticated forms of clothing that exist today. Everyone owns jackets. And thus, it is highly unlikely that you own a unique jacket that is truly one of its kind. This is the very reason why the creation of new jackets is necessary. But if the fashion lines do that creation, then it would be mass-produced, and the uniqueness will be lost. And it is where many companies seized the moment. Many clothing and apparel brands have come up with the idea where they are letting the customers create a jacket of their own. They are letting them choose the fabric, the color, the size, the ventilation system, the design, the print, etc. of a jacket. This makes for a unique jacket. This jacket will only be produced for a limited number as designated by the customer. The jacket thus will remain unique and be one of its kind. Thus, you create a jacket of your own and make it unique in the process.

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