Tips For Choosing The Right Towels And Keeping Them Soft And Fluffy

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When choosing towels for the house, you not only have to take into account their design. Other aspects such as fabric or weight directly affect its main function; that of drying ourselves comfortably when getting out of the shower or when washing our face or hands.

If you have ever made a mistake when choosing a towel, you will immediately notice it. Low-density towels do not have good absorbency, making them uncomfortable and even useless.

Therefore, when choosing towels either as a present (ของรับไหว้, which is the term in Thai) or for personal use, you do not have to look only at their price or their design. In this post, we will tell you how to choose the perfect towels and make them last longer.

Aspects To Take Into Account When Choosing A Towel

  1. The towels have to be soft and absorbent, and this is achieved with a high level of quality that has to do with the weight (number of threads) and the composition (material).
  2. The best towels are 100% cotton because they are stronger, thicker, fluffier, pleasant to the touch and with a high absorption capacity.
  3. Regarding the weight, we will be satisfied with towels that weight at least 500gr/m2.

How To Make It Last Longer

For the towels to maintain their softness, we must take into account some basic care:

  1. Before using them, wash them in the washing machine on a short program with a little detergent and, above all, without fabric softener.
  • In subsequent washes, use suitable programs, mild detergents and not too high temperatures. In this way, the fibers will be preserved correctly, and we will prevent them from spoiling.
  • You have to wash them once a week and, above all, prevent them from accumulating moisture. Always leave them lying, if it is possible that the sun does not touch them directly. Otherwise, they tend to get stiff. Moisture on towels will not only make the towel smell bad, it will also be infected with bacteria.