Tips to become a successful real estate photographer 

According to the research, nine out of ten home hunters initiate buying experience on internet. Real estate photography plays an important part in selling home. Portray property in the best visual aesthetic light work as a best promoter of the assets. Taking the essence of home is not an easy task for everyone, only a skilled and professional person can do this is in the best way. According to the study better quality photography and home sales claims a positive result in generating a higher amount per square foot. If you are also thinking to be a real estate photographer then you must follow to be a successful one. 

Camera equipment 

A camera, tripod and different accessories is not all stuff you need to get started, you must also recognize the use of lightning and Photoshop that other competitors are using.  You must carry a camera that allows you to add cable release, different lenses, wireless triggers and most importantly flash. If you have crop sensor camera then you must carry 10-22mm lens and for wide frame sensor, you should have 16-35mm lens to make it attractive. 

There are several tilt-shift lenses that can be used to avoid converging vertical lines which include door frame leaning in or out and wall edges.

Approaching the property 

First image of the property has a great impact on buyers. Before taking first shot of the property analyze all the angles that can make it look more enhancing. You can ask agent for the main feature that they want to highlight in the photography. Always take the front picture with focal lens that will allow you to capture all the elements like garden, sheds and give a detailed visual of the property.  You should highlight all the space with special features like swimming pool, barn, shops and other outbuildings.