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There are only some people who care for their family and others also. You can see this type of people. They have a good attitude to help others. Taking this type of qualities the directors are directing the movies and they are showing in the different versions.

Looking for a political based Telugu Full Movie Online?

Then come you are at the right place. Here is aha OTT where you can stream the movie experience. There are many movies which have political concepts and themes. From that here is the best movie ‘NGK’ which was released recently and had a good story where you can be inspired by seeing characters of the movie.


The movie NGK  was directed by Selvaraghavan under the production of S. R. Prabhu. The movie is about a common man who wants to lead [politics after seeing the power of politicians.

Coming to the story, actor Suriya is named as NGK  who is a graduate and has a job. But he likes to work in his field and help youngsters who need any type of help. Once he went to solve a youngster problem there problem was to be solved by the MLA. but MLA takes more time. Then there he meets his friend and says about the problem. His friend solves the problem in less time then he comes to know that how people are begging MLA to solve their problems. To know more about the story watch the movie online at Aha.

Artists performance

You can see the best performance of Suriya in the movie as he acted very well to fulfill his role. RakulPreet Singh love story can be seen how she acted in the movie. Other cast has performed well as the  roles are given by the director.

Technical aspects

The village location has been used for the movie and got the movie in the good version. BDM was very attractive and got the movie in a very good manner. Cinematography is ok. While you watch the movie you can enjoy the locations of the movie.


1. The movie has the best story and revolves around NGK and his life where his faces problems in becoming a politician.

2. You can see how the common people are suffering to solve their problems with the help of politicians.

3. You can enjoy the best music and songs choreographed by the music director and choreographer.

4 politician character can be seen how he treats the people for solving the problems of them.

Cast and crew

Actor: Suriya

Actress: Sai Pallavi

Other characters: devaraj, Rajkumar

Director: Selvaraghavan

Producer: S. R. Prabhu

Music director: Yuvan Shanker Raja

Release date: 31st May 2019


The movie NGK has the best story and you can enjoy the movie as it contains action as well as entertainment. The songs in the movie are very well composed by the music director. All the cast has supported the director very well to the director by their performance.

Watch the Telugu Full Movie ‘NGK’ Online at Aha