What Should I Do In The Event Of A Puncture In The Car Wheel?

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Perhaps it has never happened to you or quite the opposite, that you are already an expert in punctures. If you are in the first group, be careful because it may happen to you at any time. When it happens in full driving at high speed, it can be very dangerous. That is why it is so important to know how to act.

If you suffer a puncture or blowout while driving, you may notice several things: that the car veers to one side, you feel a wobble and that the steering becomes heavy and you have trouble steering the vehicle.

Although it is very easy to say and not do it, the first thing, as in any other emergency, is to avoid nerves and act calmly. The most important thing is to maintain or regain control of the vehicle, so grab the wheel with both hands and focus on the road, while looking through the mirrors in case you have to choose a safe escape route.

Once you’ve slowed down and your car is under control, turn your turn signal to the right to try to steer to the side of the road and stop the car in a safe area or on the emergency shoulder when driving on a highway. If possible, stop at a level and firm place and immediately apply the parking brake. Then, take the reflective vest and put it on so that when you get out of the car, you are perfectly visible to other drivers.

Of course, as required by law, you must place the hazard warning triangles. If you are on a two-way road, it is mandatory to put one triangle in front and one behind. If you click on a motorway or dual carriageway, it is only necessary to sign a triangle behind.

Once you are sure, it is best to request for the assistance of services that change tires off-site (เปลี่ยนยางนอกสถานที่, which is the term in Thai), so they can change your wheel for the spare one. If not, you have to change it yourself. Of course, regardless of who changes it, you need to go to the workshop to get a new or repaired one.