Which Photo Filter To Choose? Everything About UV Filters, Polarizing, Neutral Density (ND)

The use of a digital SLR often involves the purchase of various more or less useful accessories. Only, faced with the jungle of possibilities available to you, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. A point on the filters, elements which are placed in front of the objective lens to create particular effects.

In silver photography, the filters are numerous and diversified, and often very useful to correct certain technical problems or to create particular effects, in particular the colored filters in black and white photo (for example to darken the sky).

Only today, these effects can be reproduced thanks to the many existing photo editing software, and have therefore become useless. That said, there are still three types of filters that can be useful even in digital photography.

Just before returning to each of these filters, it seems useful to clarify two essential points from https://gotoandlearn.com:

whatever your objective, you can place a filter of any brand on it, as long as it is the same diameter as the optic (which is indicated above). You can also use adapter rings to place large diameter filters (77mm for example) on smaller lenses (52mm in diameter for example). This will save you from buying a filter for each of your objectives, in particular concerning expensive filters.

It Is Important Not To Skimp On The Quality Of The Filter: indeed, it is placed between your lens and the light. It can, therefore, degrade the image visibly if it is of poor quality. It would be unwise to invest in very high-quality filters to place them on the lens of the kit, which would then cost less than the filter.

But in any case, choose at least the mid-range by investing in Trusted brands like Hoya (and its Pro1 range) or B + W, which seem to be unanimous regarding the quality of their filters.