Winning The Best bet Online Now for You

The variety of bets offered by the sites keeps growing! They range from the traditional “which team wins the game”, to more unusual bets such as the number of corners in a football match. In addition, there are also different types of bets, in the sense of the number of events that are placed within the same coupon. The name given to them is multiple bets (or combo, jackpot, double, triple, etc.).

The  Best Lesson For You

This Sbobet88 lesson is not intended to exhaust the topic, but to point out what are the most common types of bets, and to provide a brief explanation of each one! Let’s go to them:

Over: More than. It means that we are betting that more events will happen than those placed on the line offered by the bookmaker.

Under: Less than. It means that we are betting that fewer events will happen than those that are placed on the line offered by the bookmaker.

Money Line: Also known as ML, it means betting on victory. The term originates in North American sports, but in Brazil it is used to designate the “dry” bet on the victory of a team or player.

Draw No Bet: Also known as DNB, and a bet that in case of a tie, the amount wagered is returned. It is the same as betting on the Asian Handicap (0).

Double Chance: Type of bet that allows us to bet on two possible outcomes. One of the most common uses is in football, where it is bet that a team will win or draw a match.

Handicap: In this popular betting market, we give a team or a player a positive or negative margin. Which in the end will be added or subtracted from the effective result of the same.

Lay: It means betting against, that is, betting on something that we think will not happen. We accept to pay a certain amount if what we don’t think happens. It is only possible in Betting Houses that carry out trading.

Back: Betting that something will happen. It is synonymous with betting in favor.

HT / FT: A bet that usually brings reasonable odds, since the chances of it materializing decrease. It is especially common when we have a team far superior to the other, and the ML price is very low. In such cases the bettor risks betting that the favorite team will win both at the break and at the end of the game.

The tip we give is that you bet only on HT. Because generally the price is very close to HT / FT, and as you are only betting on half of the event, betting only on HT you theoretically decrease the risk of your bet in half!