Worldpay’s Matt Taylor to Step down and Focus on Family

Matt Taylor, executive VP at Durango-based Worldpay will retire on New Year’s Eve after leading the firm’s integrated payment section for over a decade. 

At only 44 years old, Taylor’s exit is more like “opening a new page in life” than stepping down from the job industry.

The payments pioneer has diversified the payments eco-system in Southwestern Colorado (and the rest of the world) and paced the growth of its tourism-driven economy. He’s also played a critical role in the growth of the first billion-dollar tech firm Colorado, back from the days to Mercury to Vantiv, and now Worldpay.

Durango-based Worldpay employs over 340 experts and offers international integrated payment services to micro-businesses.

The father of three girls will retire from his position after heading Worldpay’s integrated payments branch for 16 years. Taylor told that his next move in the next year is to spend time with his three daughters— Emerys, 15, Sorella, 12, and Rhyse, 8— and bond with friends while enjoying Durango’s serene way of life.

Why the Exit?

Mergers and acquisitions, 2019’s major seismic force in the payment industry, presented Taylor with an opportunity to exit.

When Fidelity National Information Services swallowed Worldpay early this year, Taylor noticed he had to choose between two things; (1) take on a more demanding role as a leader and control over 50,000 staff or (2) quit as Fidelity National plans a new executive team.

After weighing his options, Taylor thought, taking on a more demanding position would take up all his time when he wanted to take some time off and focus on his family and friends.

 “I had the chance to take on a bigger executive role at Fidelity National Information Services, but I pondered over it and saw that I have another a rare opportunity in life – to have three young girls, live in a locality and house I want to— so I thought it was better to take a break from work and appreciate what I have.”

Taylor said he plans to take a year off work-related duties, after which he will embark on the search for his next big venture in Colorado.

Parting Shot

Not all good leaders are good parents, Taylor is an excellent example of a leader who knows when to take a break from work and be a father.

But again, one can only “take a break” once they’ve achieved their dreams— just like Worldpay’s ex-boss did.

Author Bio: Payment industry guru Taylor Cole is a passionate payments expert who understands the complex world of merchant accounts and Worldpay review. He also writes non-fiction, on subjects ranging from personal finance to stocks to cryptopay. He enjoys eating pie in his backyard porch, as should all right thinking people.