Boosting Your YouTube Presence: The Legality and Ethics of Buying Views

When it comes to online presence and social media, YouTube is among the most influential platforms in the world. With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube provides content creators a viable media space to showcase their talents, amass followers and generate income. Just like any other social media platform, the number of views, subscribers, likes, and comments matter. Regardless of whether you are an individual or a brand, buying views can either significantly boost your channel’s growth or lead to a massive penalty. In this article, we will explore the legal and ethical ramifications of buying youtube views.

Why Do People Buy YouTube Views?

YouTube views are an essential metric in measuring the popularity of a video. For content creators, amassing a high number of views serves as social proof that the content is worth watching. Therefore, purchasing YouTube views can be an excellent way of kick-starting your channel’s growth.

The Legality of Purchasing YouTube Views

Buying YouTube views is not illegal. Most social media platforms, including YouTube, have no regulations against purchasing views. In 2018, YouTube eliminated a significant number of videos from channels that it found had purchased fake views. This move was not due to legal ramifications but was based on YouTube’s terms and conditions violation.

The Ethics of Buying YouTube Views

The ethical implications of purchasing YouTube views are complex. While buying views is not illegal, it’s worth considering the broader implications of this practice. The primary pitfall of purchasing YouTube views is that it generates false data, misleading both the channel owners and advertisers. The process makes it difficult to evaluate the actual viewership, influence, and impact of a channel accurately.

The long-term consequence of buying views will likely have a negative impact. Purchased views are typically automated bots created by companies to create false spikes in traffic, and these bots rarely engage with the video or channel content. This means that the channel loses the benefit of real subscriber interaction. Therefore, buying views for long term benefits is not a good idea.

The Risks Involved in Purchasing YouTube Views

Purchasing views can be dangerous in many ways. First, purchasing views can result in your channel getting a penalty from YouTube. In more severe cases, the channel can get deleted. Purchasing views puts your channel at risk of violating YouTube’s terms of service and can result in the deletion of your channel or a lawsuit filed against you by the social media giant.


Ultimately, the decision to buy views is a personal decision. However, channel owners need to examine the potential implications before making the purchase. Buying views may provide a quick and easy short-term boost, but it is detrimental in the long-term. A better approach to building a YouTube channel is to focus on creating high-quality content and organic growth. By following YouTube’s terms and conditions and generating traffic through your unique content, your channel will prosper both ethically and legally.