Rolex is one of the most heralded watch brands in the world. Statistically, they are more in demand when compared to other brands including Cartier, longlines and omega. This makes it understandable that the company has some of the most expensive watches too.

But what makes Rolex so entitled to sell their watches at such price points?

Well, the answer is simple – status.

We all known what it means to have a Rolex watch on your wrist. That it speaks volumes about your status quo, the only thing most people are after these days.

The watches from Rolex are domestically built all the Rolex models are chronometers,

Having a chronometer certification is a proof that your watch is precise and accurate as it can get.

The marketing of Rolex watches is so minimal but that is not entirely surprising. if you are looking for a Rolex watch you will know exactly where it is sold.

The marketing that exist is always sports oriented and mainly targets golf, tennis, or f1 which are gain some of the more luxurious sports in the world.

If we only talked superficially it is obvious that a Rolex watch is beyond expensive and if you have one it entails that belong with those who know luxury.

However, there is more than just surface talk, a Rolex watch can easily be worth double the price you bought it for almost a year after you bought it.

However, there are some of us who do want the luxury but without compromising our finances.

There is a solution for that as well replica Rolex watches, that look as genuine as the original product.

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