For what purposes the citizen of Kenya are applying for Indian Visa online

Online filling of the Visa application form has provided comfort and convenience to the citizens. The visit to India can be because of many reasons. India is a beautiful country that is showing different cultural heritages. The process of obtaining Visa for tourism can be quick and simple. The documents required in the application are the same, but the fees vary with the nationality. The purpose of traveling can be different for different people.

India Visa for Kenyan Citizens can be obtained for a medical visit or educational visits. The permanent address of the person traveling should be stated in the application form online. The process should include the time period of the visit to the country. The following are some of the activities for which the citizen are applying for the Visa.

Visit for tourism purposes

A citizen can obtain the Visa to enjoy the beautiful cultural heritage of the country. The time period of tourism should be specified in the application form. There should be a promise to return back after the specified period. The visit can be for meeting friends or relatives residing in the country. The tourist places of the country can be visited fro sight seeking. A health program conducted in the country can be the purpose of India Visa for Kenyan CitizensThe fees of the visit can differ in regard to the purpose of visiting the country.

Visit for business purposes 

Any citizen can visit establishing a new branch in the country. The availability of a Visa will be quick and easy for the citizens of other countries. Here are some more reasons for making the visits in respect of business –

  • For sale and purchase of goods and services in the country. The goods should not be ne harmful to the health of Indian citizens.
  • The attending of the business meetings can be allowed under the Visa of Kenyan citizens.
  • Recruiting of new and creative workforce to work in the industrial sector.
  • The visit can be made for the promotion of business in other countries.
  • The citizen can travel as a special guest in the ceremony of other countries. For attending the ceremony, there will be the availability of India Visa for Kenyan Citizen.There can be a visit to the exhibition of the business for development in the company.

Visits for medical purposes

If there is any medical emergency, then a person can apply for Indian Visa. The application will not get denied for obtaining the Visa. There are many diseases whose treatment is not available in the domestic country. The treatment should be conducted under the supervision of the expert. The period of the visit should be short term. The person should return to their country after the recovery of the patient. There should be the availability of sufficient funds for meeting the expenses of the treatment and hospital. The traveling should be made for the self-treatment of the citizen