Get your clothes dried quickly with the help of professionals

Dryers that do not provide optimal heating are of no good use as you have to waste lots of electricity to dry your clothes. Furthermore, you are also required to run the drying cycle again and again which can causes a great deal of pressure on the main motor. Thus, most of the well aware residents of Los Angeles prefer to take services of experts whenever they have to deal with insufficient heating related problem.

Why your dryer isn’t providing sufficient heating?

Defect in the timer

In this case professionals who deal in dryer repair Los Angeles see to it that the timer is working in a proper manner. If the timer is defective then you will not be able to get your clothes dried easily. Timers when get faulty tend to stop before the scheduled time, thus it takes large amount of time even to dry few clothes.

Testing process

At the time of timer testing professionals unplug unit from wall outlet and remove fuses. They then properly locate the device which is present inside of control panel. During the next step experts remove the wires from the timer with the help of pliers as they exert less pressure on it. With the use of ohm-meter professionals take the reading of the timer. In case the reading is below or above 2000- 3000 ohms then it is a vindication that the timer has become faulty.


During the process of removal professionals replace timer knob from the shaft and then start to replace mounting screws. They will replace the obsolete timer with new one and during the process experts use high quality timers thus you do not have to deal with similar issues all over again. In the last step professionals will also test the dryer for you by placing wet clothes inside and turning on the machine.