How sex gives benefits according to gender?

Sex is one of the significant aspects of anyone’s life; for smooth and regular going experience, sex is much required to keep your sexual desires alive and controlled. Not only sex is done for bringing a new person into life but also done for increasing intimacy and adds a romantic flavor in your life and relation. JAV censored brings many plus points in each one’s life.

Here are some of the points which depict how sex put an effect according to gender. 


A recent study conducted by JAV censored tells us the story that male that is having sexual intercourse regularly have fewer chances of having cancer. As regular sex in killing cancer cells on a very high note, study and research done by doctors also tell that men who are, ejecting more than 25 times in month have least chances to get cancer before the age of 60. Therefore regular sex from men can help their relationship to work for a longer time. Not only relation but sex can have tons of plus points on mental as well as physical health of the male. Therefore also enhance the muscles of the core and thighs of male.


As mentioned above in this article, we have discussed the merits of sex on male health. But when it comes to better health benefits, then definitely women have more than from male. Let’s talk a few of them.

Better vaginal wall- regular sex can help any women to have a better and thinner vaginal line as compared to women who are doing sex often. As it will keep the blood flow in great shape, which will not let the walls of the vagina to dry out and can prevent breakage of tissues of vaginal gates.

Better contraction- as the name suggests, regular and intense session of sex can help women to contract their vaginal muscles in a very significant way. Not only contracting with regular sex they can also improve their blood flow which will uplift their overall health.

Reduce stress- the majority of the women’s die for an orgasm, as orgasm is the end part of any sexual process. Therefore after orgasm, women tend to be happier than before as many fluids flush out from the body, also called a happy drug. This makes sure that women are relieved from the stress and all other negative vibes around her.

Better sleep– with a proper and intense session of sex, women can have a better and desirable sleep in no time. As mentioned above, after an orgasming woman leaks out their happy fluids from the body as after orgasm body is fatigued and flushing of buoyant liquids promotes better and quality sleep for women.

Relives period cramps– as everyone knows that women face many cramps and pain during their periods. With sex, women can get relieved from pain and cramps, which are occurred from the period. As during periods body becomes very stiff, this promotes cramps to the body. After orgasm and sexual intercourse, women can be happy and stress-free.