Understanding Why Israelis Struggle: Charity For Israel

The current socio-economic situation in Israel presents numerous obstacles to many struggling families. Maintaining a record of household expenses can be difficult, even for middle-class families. Israel’s poor are more at risk than the rest of the population. Although Israel makes many efforts to aid the poor, the government does not ensure that their families can afford food, clothing, or education. The consequences are evident. Many families and children lack three nutritious meals per day.

It has been estimated that 8.3% of Israeli families suffer from mild food insecurity. Nearly 10.6% of the Israeli population is food insecure. At Meir Panim, we are committed to helping 10.6% of those facing food insecurity. To reduce the need for food in local communities, our food security team helps communities through our food security program. 

Meir Panim is a non-profit organization that looks after the elderly, children, and anybody else in need, particularly during epidemics. We stood by and held hands with hungry and distraught people when everyone else kept their distance. In addition, we are committed to fostering charity for Israel

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We knew poverty existed despite the fact that it did not exist in isolation. Providing food to the hungry may alleviate their immediate needs, however, poverty still exists. As a result of this, we decided to provide a “full service” humanitarian solution to break the poverty cycle. 

In order to accomplish our mission concerning charity for Israel, we primarily rely on donations from individuals and nonprofit organizations. Throughout the process of developing our business, we consider our donors as direct partners.

Donations can be made anywhere, anytime. Our charity for Israel cares about every donation you make, and we will use it to help those in need in Israel. Work together to make a positive difference so that we can all do our part today.