The wooden flooring for a luxurious image of the house

It is for sure that many people have seen those wooden flooring somewhere. And it is also a fact that almost everyone finds it way more attractive than other types of floorings. There is no denying that it gives a luxurious look to the house. The sad truth about wooden flooring is that you can only find them mostly in villas and bungalows. You can see that there is a huge income gap between people who live in villas and people who lives in apartments. That income gap will prevail over your choice of getting the wooden flooring.

The fact is that wooden flooring is very costly. This is the main reason why you mainly see them big villas and bungalows because a normal person cannot afford them without losing most of his savings. The good news is that market always has some cheaper alternatives. Another good thing is that you can expect almost the same performance with these cheaper products as the real one.

Wood look vinyl floor is the new trend

The cheaper alternative for wooden flooring is wood look vinyl floor. It is a piece of vinyl with wooden design on it. The good thing is that you will not be able to tell the difference between the real one and the vinyl floor until you actually get too close to them. These vinyl floors are very easy to install. Company will send a person to install them to your house and it will not take more than a few hours. The Amtico Click Smart wood flooring solution is a rising trend in vinyl tastes and small wonder why this is.

Good on your wallet as well

The price of wood look vinyl floor [ราคากระเบื้อง ยาง ลายไม้, which is the term in Thai] is very cheap. You can get it at about one-third the price of actual wooden flooring. There are even cheaper alternatives available but it is better to go with a brand.